School’s Ethos

School Ethos

The Barbara Speake Stage School is a place where all individuals are respected and their individuality valued, where students are expected to achieve to the best of their ability both academically and vocationally, where self-discipline is promoted and where good behaviour is the norm.

This policy is pivotal to developing each student as an individual and to develop their potential to the fullest. The aim of the policy is to outline, for all members of our community, a range of School Expectations, Strategies and Rules to:

• Promote self-discipline and a high regard for authority among students

• Encourage good behaviour and respect for others, and to aim to prevent all forms of bullying

• Ensure student’s standards of behaviour is acceptable

• Regulate students’ conduct

• Enable students to behave well, and the approaches to adopt when students’ behaviour falls short of our expectations

• Ensure a standard of student behaviour that is not detrimental to learning.