Lacharne Jolly


Naomi Campbell

Holby City (TV Series) 
Elizabeth Tait- Culture Shock (2011) … Elizabeth Tait (as La Charné Jolly)- Keep on Keeping On (2011) … Elizabeth Tait (as La Charné Jolly)- Everything to Play For (2011) … Elizabeth Tait (as La Charné Jolly)- Broken (2011) … Elizabeth Tait (as La Charné Jolly)- Who Needs Enemies? (2011) … Elizabeth Tait (as La Charné Jolly)Show all 57 episodes 2010Doctors (TV Series) 
Steph Nichols- Like Mother Like Daughter (2010) … Steph Nichols (as La-Charne Jolly) 2009The Bill (TV Series) 
Jasmin Clark- Back to School (2009) … Jasmin Clark (as La-Charne Jolly) 2008The Escort (Short) 
Michelle 2008West 10 LDN (TV Movie) 
Sissy 2003Magic Grandad (TV Series) 
Selena- Toys: in 1969 (2003) … Selena 2002Out of Control (TV Movie) 
Louise 2001Grange Hill (